The Official Marvel's Cloak & Dagger Season 1 Music Guide

The Official Marvel's Cloak & Dagger Season 1 Music Guide

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger is here and it's better than we ever could have imagined! Discover the incredible tracks of each episode below and relive some of the best moments from season 1.

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Episode 10: Colony Collapse

  1. 'Come Sail Away' by Taura Stinson
  2. 'The Fresh Sound' by Crush Effect
  3. 'Come Sail Away' by Mark Isham
  4. 'Game On 2.0' by Siberia Ft. Nea Nelson
  5. 'War' by T-Moe & Clearside
  6. 'Come Sail Away' by Olivia Holt
  7. 'Wolves' by 8 Graves

Episode 9: Back Breaker

  1. 'Boogeyman' by Dead Posey
  2. 'Trigger' by Ruelle
  3. 'Freak Like Me' by NoMBe
  4. 'Demons' by Campfire ft. Danny Score
  5. 'Hard Life Of Ivan MacRae' by Barleyjuice
  6. 'It's A Crying Shame' by The Roues Brothers
  7. 'The Fear' by The Years

Episode 8: Ghost Stories

  1. 'Dark Side' by Bishop Briggs
  2. 'to the grave' by Bea Miller ft. Mike Stud
  3. 'Ending' by Isak Danielson

Episode 7: Lotus Eaters

  1. 'Sons & Daughters' by The Decemberists
  2. 'You Never Know' by KNGDAVD

Episode 6: Funhouse Mirrors

  1. 'Flight In G Minor' by Amp Live ft. Dirty Cello
  2. 'Sleepwalker' by The Kinks
  3. 'Creep Up On Em' by Mista Cain
  4. 'Home' by Morgxn
  5. 'Run Wild' by Thutmose
  6. 'Dirrty Game' by Nevelle Viracocha
  7. 'Sons & Daughters' performed by cast members

Episode 5: Princeton Offense

  1. 'Burn It Down' by Siobhan Sainte
  2. 'R U Ready' by Say Wut
  3. 'No Mercy' by Ndidi O
  4. 'Rich Friends' by Portugal. The Man
  5. 'Breathe' by Fleurie
  6. 'Born For This' by 7KINGZ
  7. 'Secrets and Lies' by Ruelle

Episode 4: Call/Response

  1. 'Arise' by THE SEIGE
  2. 'We Are' by Doe
  3. 'Turns You Into Stone' by Fleurie

Episode 3: Stained Glass

  1. 'Get What I Came For' by The Phantoms
  2. 'Wanderlust (Rahki Remix)' by Empara Mi
  3. 'Harlem' by Cathedrals
  4. 'American Funeral' by Alex Da Kid & Joseph Angel

Episode 2: Suicide Sprints

  1. 'Leave The Light On' by Overcoats
  2. 'Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace' by Aubrey Joseph
  3. 'Feel The Embrace' by Vonavi ft. Lorna Rose & Chris James
  4. 'First Class Fly' by Damny ft. MC Justo
  5. 'Fear In Me' by Louis Mattrs
  6. 'To Sir With Love' by Vegas Cola

Episode 1: First Light

  1. 'Dead In The Water' by Ellie Goulding
  2. 'Lush Life' by LEO ISLO feat. Dani Poppitt
  3. 'Right Now' by Vindata ft. Njomza & Alex & Alex
  4. 'Breakin' The Rules' by Candance Coles & Darien Dorsey
  5. 'Hellfire' by Barns Courtney
  6. 'Quiet' by MILCK
  7. 'Impossible' by Lucien Parker
  8. 'Starlight' by Jai Wolf

If you love the music, check out the official soundtrack featuring Olivia Holt, Bea Miller, Morgxn and more!


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