The Best Coming Out Scenes On Freeform

The Best Coming Out Scenes On Freeform

It's National Coming Out Day! A day where we celebrate the bravery of people in the LGBTQ+ community who choose to tell their loved ones about their sexuality or gender identity. It's also important to acknowledge on this day that there are members of the community who can't come out due to family circumstances or for fear of legal retribution, as being gay is still illegal in several countries around the world. It's because of this continued adversity and hostility that coming out is still such a big deal for lots of people. It takes courage, strength and honesty to reveal such an intimate part of yourself to your loved ones and seeing that experience replicated on-screen can be vital for anyone worried about going through the process in their own lives.

In celebration of this day, we've rounded up the most iconic coming out moments on Freeform for you to enjoy! You can watch all of these on Hulu and find exclusive clips and extras on Remember that your journey is valid even if it doesn't look like any of these – coming out should happen on your terms, in your own way, and that's what makes it beautiful!

Good Trouble - Gael confronts his parents about Jazmin and comes out

Gael (Tommy Martinez) asks his parents for Jazmin's (Hailie Sahar) dog tags back and discusses their refusal to accept her as a trans woman. After they say that they feel like they only have one child (as Jazmin is "dead" to them), Gael tells them he is bisexual. Later, we learn that their reaction was less than understanding, and he reveals he won't be spending the holidays with them. Instead, he'll be with Jazmin. This is a heartbreaking moment for these characters but Jazmin and Gael show us that your chosen family can provide the security and love you need, even if your parents don't.

Motherland: Fort Salem - Raylla's first kiss

Raelle (Taylor Hickson) sneaks into Scylla's (Amalia Holm) room, and Scylla tries to convince her to join War College as the alternative is too dangerous. Raelle is visibly surprised when Scylla calls her beautiful but takes the hint to walk right over and kiss her. This scene birthed the beautiful ship that is Raylla and demonstrated that, even though putting yourself out there as an LGBTQ+ person can be risky, having your feelings reciprocated is *bewitching* (sorry, couldn't resist).

grown-ish - Nomi comes out to her parents

Nomi (Emily Arlook) has been out as bisexual to her friends for a while, but when her parents visit and ask about her romantic prospects, they assume she's dating a boy. Nomi reveals she's actually seeing a girl, and they are shocked. Her dad thinks it's just a "phase", a reaction that many bisexual people will be familiar with. Her mom has the more unexpected reaction of asking whether Nomi will now be dropping out of college to go to Broadway. Overall, Nomi is relieved to be out to them both and have that weight off her shoulders.

Cruel Summer - Ben and Vince dance together in a queer safe house

In 1994, Ben (Nathaniel Ashton) and Vince (Allius Barnes) nervously enter a fairy light-lit room to a schmaltzy love song and put their arms around each other. As they sway to the music, a patron notices that the pair are underage. When this is pointed out to the bartender, she says that it's okay because this is a safe space for anyone who needs it, and they just won't be served alcohol. This is a beautiful example of how important it is for young LGBTQ+ people to have safe environments in which they can explore their sexuality without fear of judgement or harm.

Good Trouble - Alice comes out to her parents

Alice (Sherry Cola) goes on a long journey throughout season 1 as she is desperate to hide her sexuality from her parents, worrying that their traditional Chinese backgrounds will prevent them from supporting her. After a few awkward encounters that negatively affect her relationships, she realizes she needs to take the leap and tell them the whole truth of who she is. To her surprise, they are not shocked at all and had pretty much assumed she was gay already! While this is a great moment for Alice, it also reveals that she has some more work to do on truly accepting herself.

Everything's Gonna Be Okay - Drea is a homoromantic asexual 

Matilda (Kayla Cromer) starts the season by breaking up with Drea (Lillian Carrier), saying she isn't attracted to women. Not long after, Drea realizes she doesn't feel sexual attraction at all. Despite this fact she's still in love with Matilda and the two decide to be together, with Matilda also dating men. Drea explains these feelings explicitly by referring to herself as a homoromantic asexual - someone who feels romantic attraction to people of their own gender but does not experience sexual attraction. It's rare for asexuality to be mentioned on-screen (and it's even rarer to find it outside of a comedic context) so for Drea to explain her sexual experience in such a detailed and personal way is a really wonderful moment.

The Fosters - Jude identifies as "gay"

Jude (Hayden Byerly) has resisted putting a label on his sexuality for a long time. Mostly because he says he doesn't like labels, but also because he had to do what he could to protect himself in the foster care system. Cole (Tom Phelan) speaks to him at an LGBTQ+ prom, saying that while labels can feel like you're being restricted, they can also give you power. This moment, and Jude telling Connor (Gavin MacIntosh) that not only was he gay but "super gay" for him, was as moving for us as it was for Jude.

Shadowhunters - Magnus stops Alec's wedding

Alec (Matthew Daddario) and Lydia (Stephanie Bennett) are at the altar about to burn their marriage runes onto each other when Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) bursts in. When he sees the man he truly loves, Alec realizes he can't marry Lydia and she understands. Despite his mom trying to stop him, Alec kisses Magnus and launches the legendary ship that is Malec. It takes a lot of guts to admit who you are (especially if it could upset the people you love), but Alec showed he had the courage to choose what would make him truly happy. 

Good Trouble - Jazmin's abuelo comes to her Doble Quince

Jazmin holds a Doble Quince as she never got to celebrate her quinceañera when she was a teenager (an experience lots of Latina trans women miss out on). She's upset that Gael is the only family member who will be there to celebrate until her abuelo (Juan Carlos Cantu) turns up with her dog tags. His presence shows her that he accepts who she is, and they have a beautiful dance together. His words to Gael about Jazmin at the end of the episode are incredibly moving: "I don't have to understand everything to accept it." A lot of LGBTQ+ worry that older family members won't understand their sexuality, but this scene demonstrated that that isn't always the case.

These moments show what it means to come out: to bravely choose the path that you know is right, even if some people won't understand. You can catch all these shows on Hulu and find clips and extras on!

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