grown-ish Official Season 4 Music Guide

grown-ish Official Season 4 Music Guide

grown-ish season 4 is finally here! It's time to start senior year, and there's nothing like a fresh soundtrack to accompany such an important year. We've put together a handy guide featuring all your favorite songs from each episode. Check out the official Spotify playlist below, and come back each week after a new episode airs for some new beats.

grown-ish season 4 airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Freeform, the Freeform app and at You can also watch it next day on Hulu

Follow the official playlist on Spotify:

Episode 9: You Beat Me to the Punch

  1. Moment by Victoria Monét
  2. Kalaheo Disco by Hauula
  3. Got It by Frankel Harris
  4. Jumpin' by Maybach Green
  5. Brace by BomboCat, Silent Addy, Beach Boii
  6. OMG by OHNO
  7. Pick a Side by Eric Reprid
  8. Needed Me by Redwood

Episode 8: Canceled

  1. Hey You by BRBN
  2. Whip it Up by Davie
  3. Put in Work by Ugly Baby
  4. Weight in Gold by Gallant

Episode 7: A Peace Of Light

  1. Pedigree by Bravo, Carneyval
  2. Came to Win by J. Brodsky ft. Micki Ronnae
  3. Overreacting by Lani Rose

Episode 6: Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See

  1. Strange Fruit by Cast 
  2. Little Ghetto Boy by Donny Hathaway
  3. What A Wonderful World by John Batiste

Episode 5: A Boy Is A Gun

  1. PRIDE. by Kendrick Lamar
  2. Starflower by Raveena
  3. Couped Out by Famous Dex feat. Fivio Foreign
  4. I Hope It Takes You Higher by Toulouse
  5. Learn To Love by anaiis, Azekel
  6. Sunshine by Pusha T feat. Jill Scott
  7. Blackberry Molasses by Mista

Episode 4: Daddy Lessons

  1. Type Beat by P-Lo
  2. Too Good to Be True by POLOSHIRT, Price J

Episode 3: Demons

  1. bad to the bone by bbno$ ft. lentra
  2. Lighter / Time by LAUNDRY DAY

Episode 2: Drunk In Love

  1. More Than Enough by Alina Baraz
  2. 23rd Street by Christian Kuria

Episode 1: Ugh, Those Feels Again

  1. Sandunga by Elena Rose
  2. Bailar by Day Sulan & YG
  3. Sunshine (The Light) by Fat Joe, DJ Khaled & Amorphous

Don't forget to check out the official Spotify playlist.

grown-ish season 4 airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Freeform, the Freeform app and at You can also watch it next day on Hulu.

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