The Official Shadowhunters Season 3 Music Guide

The Official Shadowhunters Season 3 Music Guide

Shadowhunters has returned and its soundtrack is just as spectacular as ever -- discover all the beautiful songs below. And don't forget, every episode is available to stream now on Freeform and Hulu.

Follow the official playlist on Spotify:

Episode 10: Erchomai

  1. 'Silence Says It All' by Caroline Pennell
  2. 'Fire Meets Fate' by Ruelle

Episode 9: Familia Ante Omnia

  1. 'Bury' by Unions

Episode 8: A Heart of Darkness

  1. 'Matters' by Twinsmith
  2. 'A La Claire Fontaine' by Emeraude Toubia and Tomaso Sanelli
  3. 'Hearts' by Jessie Ware

Episode 7: Salt in the Wound

  1. 'Arcadia' by Dizzy

Episode 6: A Window Into an Empty Room

  1. 'Royal Blue' by Alberto Rosende
  2. 'Fragile World' by Alberto Rosende
  3. 'Feel It' by The Yugos
  4. 'Growing Old' by Psuede Police
  5. 'Safe' by ARLO
  6. 'So Close' by Kitfox
  7. 'Good Love' by Jome
  8. 'Get Me' by PMtoyou
  9. 'Motives' by The Technicolors
  10. 'Neon Roses' by The Technicolors
  11. 'The Bay' by Stereo Honey

Episode 5: Stronger Than Heaven

  1. 'Cosmos' by Outsider
  2. 'Wait' by NoMBe
  3. 'Michelangelo' by Alberto Rosende

Episode 4: Thy Soul Instructed

  1. 'My Boy' by Billie Eilish
  2. 'Epoch' by Oliver Spalding

Episode 3: What Lies Beneath

  1. 'In Reverse' by Tsundere
  2. 'Charmer' by DJ Brownie
  3. 'On And On' by Dr. Fresch
  4. 'Till the Lights Go Out' by Jon Zott
  5. 'Sentinel' by Piers Baron
  6. 'Miami Showdown' by Digitalism

Episode 2: The Powers That Be

  1. 'Be Mine' by Ofenbach
  2. 'Real' by Majik
  3. 'All I Want' by Echos
  4. 'Blinded' Emmit Fenn
  5. 'Know Your Name' by Chase & Status feat. Seinabo Sey

Episode 1: On Infernal Ground

  1. 'Nightshade' by Alberto Rosende. Will be available 4/6 on iTunes!
  2. 'Wanting Moves' by PANTyRAID
  3. 'Paper Love' by Allie X

Once again, this soundtrack does not disappoint.

Don't forget that you can watch all three seasons of Shadowhunters now on Freeform and Hulu.

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