These 22 Malec Moments Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh And Then Cry Hysterically

These 22 Malec Moments Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh And Then Cry Hysterically

Can't get enough of Magnus and Alec? We totally get it. That's why we will never stop reminding you of all their most beautiful relationship moments. So kick back, relax, watch a few episodes of Shadowhunters, and remember every precious Malec scene throughout the series.

1. The first time they officially met!

Alec was all tongue-tied and starstruck.

2. The phone call where Magnus tried to ask Alec out on a date.

And Alec was just about to say yes but then Clary ran away and he had to find her. Dammit, Clary.

3. This moment that Magnus made himself vulnerable.

He had been alive for centuries, but still felt that the person in front of him was very special.

4. Alec's conversation with Lydia about the High Warlock of Brooklyn.

So smooth. She didn't suspect a thing.

5. When Magnus was all of us reacting to a shirtless Alec.


6. The role reversal in the Alternate Universe episode.

Alec pursuing Magnus was such a fun twist.

7. Magnus describing the symptoms of love.

Did anyone else get shivers in this scene?

8. This ❤️❤️❤️.

First official Malec kiss = perfection.

9. When they both agreed not to push each other away in difficult times.

Alec was just so used to hiding his emotions -- he needed relationship practice.

10. That time Alec almost died.

Magnus tried to save him, and his face when Alec woke up was just pure relief and love.

11. Magnus comforting Alec after the Demon killed Jocelyn.

The fact that Alec went straight to Magnus' apartment when he needed help made us feel all warm inside.

12. The first official Malec date.

Let's all remember that Alec thought he was winning at pool but then it turned out that Magnus was kicking his ass.

13. Alec's not impressed face when Maryse was rude to his boyfriend.

You're fooling no one Maryse.

14. The first time they said "I love you" to each other.

Remember Alec thought Magnus had died with the other Downworlders? This moment of reunion was everything.

15. When Alec started staying overnight at Magnus' apartment.

And he snores! Have you ever heard anything more adorable?

16. Magnus' confession about killing his stepfather.

Alec was so supportive. #boyfriendgoals

17. Their magical dinner at the Institute.

Magnus wasn't even mad that Alec ditched him. He just wanted to make sure his boyfriend ate something.

18. The time Magnus saved Alec from a flying Demon.

Even though they were kind of broken up -- we knew he still cared.

19. When Malec got back together and forgave each other.

They just couldn't live without each other. And neither could we!

20. Every time they looked after Madzie.

Truly the best babysitters in town!

21. When their love was strong enough to convince Maryse to give her blessing.

We're not crying, you're crying.

22. When they finally got the wedding of their dreams.

And ours.

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