Catch Up on The Bold Type Before the Final Season!

Catch Up on The Bold Type Before the Final Season!

The fifth and final season of The Bold Type is nearly here! The girls have had quite the eventful few years and season 5 will bring us the conclusion to their saga at Scarlet – what a journey it has been! Be sure you catch up on seasons 1-4 on Hulu before the final season begins. So where did we last leave our Scarlet ladies?

Firstly, we have the issue of Sutton and Richard's imploding marriage. How will Sutton move on? Will there be a reconciliation with Richard or has the damage been done? Will she continue to self-destruct? What about Billy? So. Many. Questions!  

Season 4 also brought us Kat's unique relationship with Eva. We're all wondering how this will continue in the new season, especially considering their wildly differing political opinions. Will Kat take heed of Jane's words and cut things off? Should political and moral standings get in the way of feelings? And what about Kat's long standing feelings for Adena? We can't wait to see how things wrap up for the social media specialist!

And speaking of Jane, how will she continue with what could be her biggest Scarlet scoop yet? In pursuing her latest story, she could be putting Jacqueline's private life in a sticky situation. In tandem with this, she is also juggling with Scott's declaration of feelings for her. Would she ever date a subordinate at work? Or does professionalism come first? Oh, the drama!

We don't know about you, but we think this is the perfect opportunity to binge all four seasons of The Bold Type on Hulu. After all, it wouldn't hurt to refresh your memory!

Season 5 of The Bold Type premieres Wednesday, May 26 at 10p ET/7p PT on the Freeform app and at, or next day on Hulu.

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