Good Trouble Official Season 3 Music Guide

Good Trouble Official Season 3 Music Guide

Good Trouble season 3 is back and even better than ever! Follow along with our episode-by-episode music guide (and official Spotify playlist!) to reminisce in all the most iconic moments from our beloved foster sisters and their Coterie fam. Be sure to catch new episodes of Good Trouble Wednesdays at 10/9c on Freeform, the Freeform app and at You can also watch it next day on Hulu

Follow the official playlist on Spotify:

Episode 12: Shame

  1. The Road (Calling Me Home) by Marie Gallo
  2. WHAT YOU GONNA DO??? by Bastille (feat. Graham Coxon)
  3. You Make Me Believe by MOONZz
  4. This Year Be by Left Vessel
  5. The Name by Kate Grahn
  6. Cry Wolf by Guilty Empress
  7. Highroad by Sir Woman
  8. Everything's Changing by Plastic Hotels

Episode 11: Knocked Down

  1. All By Myself by Eric Carmen
  2. One More Try by Perfume Genius
  3. dramatic by Cat & Calmell
  4. Same For You by Lee DeWyze
  5. Don't Give Up by Foreign Fields
  6. No Justice, No Peace by LIP TALK + woof woof
  7. Buggin Out by Leo Simone
  8. Polar Moves by Bosco Rogers
  9. Fire in the Dust by Spectre Jones
  10. Telephone by CASTLEBEAT and Sonia Gadhia
  11. Rejection (Mendez Sessions) by Arum Rae
  12. Tubthumping by Chumbawamba
  13. Hold On by Bishop Briggs
  14. Light Light Light by Maria Gogo ft. FABjustfab
  15. Nights Like This by Darion Ja'Von
  16. breathe again by Joy Oladokun
  17. This City by Sam Fischer

Episode 10: She's Back

  1. To The Toxic by biz colletti 
  2. Until The Music Fades by The Venice Connection
  3. Mommy Can't Sleep by XVOTO 
  4. Crack by India de Beaufort 
  5. Queendom by Moana A & Beautiful Creatures 
  6. Tonight Tonight by Celeste 
  7. Conquistador by Dylan Carlson
  8. The Push by DYAN
  9. Bread + Wine by Joy Oladokun
  10. No Right To Love You by Rhys Lewis    

Episode 9: Driver's Seat

  1. Everything I Want by Mist U 
  2. Heat Waves by Glass Animals 
  3. Throw It Back by Kali J 
  4. Gloom by Cina Polada
  5. Nag Champa Bang by DOPAMOON, Natalia M. King
  6. Follow My Heart by Kwamie Liv 
  7. Make it Look Easy by WUTFUR 
  8. Falling Again by I Am ORFA 
  9. I Am the Night by Citrine 
  10. Hunter by La Rochelle Band
  11. Alewife by Clairo 
  12. Gravity by Josh Pence & Emma Hunton

Episode 8: Trust

  1. Secrets Don't Make Friends by Hael 
  2. Bomb by MIZZI & Ruffian 
  3. Too Cool by Anna Mae
  4. Jehoshaphat's Song by Sharon Irving
  5. Meateater by ALASKALASKA 
  6. Gang by Anoraak (feat, Sarah Maison)
  7. Lucky Charm by Heartstreets 
  8. Odd Mistake by Konradsen 
  9. Keep Your Eyes On Me by Whyte Tygers 
  10. Boom by Ngaiire
  11. Like a City by Khushi 
  12. Look At Me Now by Saint Cardinal (feat. Trella) 
  13. That Sinking Feeling by Fairmont
  14. Control - String Version by Zoe Wees, 2WEI, ABBOTT

Episode 7: New Moon

  1. Chattra Chakkrs Varti by White Sun
  2. Miles Away by Ron Esposito 
  3. Floating Horizon by Ron Esposito 
  4. Radiance by Ron Esposito 
  5. White Sun Dreams by White Sun
  6. Back to the Basics by BLOU 
  7. Forever by Boris Skalsky 
  8. Get Through by 
  9. I'd Rather Be Blue by Bootstraps 
  10. The Right by Marlana 

Episode 6: Help 

  1. Light It Up by Peter Verdell 
  2. climbing the walls by The Coast Bias 
  3. Sentimental Trick by Future Jr. 
  4. Eventually by MAAD
  5. iLy by LoneMoon, Ivy Hollivana 
  6. Drive by T R U V O N N E 
  7. T.E.A.R.S. by Spring Summer 

Episode 5: Because, Men

  1. Mezcalight by Dopamoon 
  2. Better Day by Famous to Silence 
  3. Nothin' Bout Me by Alex Beaumont 
  4. Wanna Be Me by Ellen Once Again
  5. Close 2 U by Raveena 
  6. Heartbeat by Raveena 
  7. Gift of Lies by Model Zero 
  8. Dame Like by Octopvs To The Party, Lala Mueve 

Episode 4: Klompendansen

  1. Super Duper Party People by Allie X
  2. Back To You by Farrah 
  3. Hand In Glove by HOLT 
  4. Hidden Shelters by Lovelier Other 
  5. Day In Day Out by Bootstraps 

Episode 3: Whoosh, Pow, Bang

  1. Moving by 73 Keys (feat. Iris Reid) 
  2. Future Now by MOONZz 
  3. Water Polo by Blookah & Mary Bozaan
  4. Porto Cristo by BROTHER (feat. Zerbin & Peter Mol) 
  5. The Things We Do by MOONZz 
  6. Whittle by Texture Like Sun 
  7. On me dit tu by Fishbach 
  8. Either Way by Justina Shandler (feat. Ben Drysdale) 

Episode 2: Arraignment Day 

  1. Before I Die by Eamon 
  2. When I Turn It On by MATS 
  3. Battlecry by Jordan Mackampa 
  4. It's Gonna Be Alright by Crush Effect (feat. Justin "J. Pierre" Bennett) 
  5. If You Got A Problem by Joy Oladokun 
  6. Here Together by Ramon 
  7. Doin' My Thing by Dream Tingz 

Episode 1: Capoeira 

  1. In A Spiral by Phantogram 
  2. Hands Up Like This by ZOA
  3. Low by Robyn Sherwell 
  4. Passinho Battant by Tambour Battant (feat. Flavia Coelho) 
  5. It All Comes Down To Ths by Hael 
  6. Easy Lovin' by Jessame 
  7. Loyal by Jacquie 
  8. Lovable by Blaue Blume 
  9. Gold Touch by Red Red Lips
  10. We'll Fight by Wilder Banks 

Remember to check out the official Spotify playlist!

You can catch new episodes of Good Trouble on Wednesdays at 10/9c on Freeform, the Freeform app and at You can also watch it next day on Hulu

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