Good Trouble Official Season 1 Music Guide

Good Trouble Official Season 1 Music Guide

Love Good Trouble? Silly question, of course you do. Check out the official Spotify playlist and find every song from Season 1 below. And don't forget, in addition to watching all available episodes right here, you can watch full seasons of Good Trouble on Hulu!

Official Good Trouble Spotify Playlist

Episode 13: Vitamin C

  1. Endless Wild Perfect by Le Voyageur
  2. Left and Right by Jerry Williams
  3. Faster Now by Zealyn
  4. Compound by Arbitraire
  5. Lost Myself by Gold Brother ft. Amy Stroup
  6. Extra by Zolita
  7. Time by David Ramirez
  8. Vitamin C by CAN
  9. Even The Score by Native 51
  10. In This Together by Imaginary Future
  11. I Wanna Know (feat. Daya) by RL Grime
  12. Jungle by Tash Sultana

Episode 12: Broken Arted

  1. Hush by Garrison Starr
  2. So Good by Profiles
  3. World Demands It by Two Another
  4. Keep You Alive by Brothers Voodoo
  5. Strawberry Shake by Pop Levi
  6. To You by Maybird
  7. Come Home With Me by Zolita
  8. She's Got Love by Frills
  9. Sway Daisy by Little Dragon
  10. Can't Be Too Careful by Jennah Bell
  11. Vas A Verme by Ceci Bastida
  12. Daydreaming by ALIGN
  13. Obvious by Fever High
  14. 10 Años by Marron
  15. Love Takes Time (acoustic) by Nick de la Hoyde
  16. SLAY! by ANIIML
  17. Haunted by ADONA
  18. I'm Not Going Anywhere by David Ramirez

Episode 11: Less Than

  1. Control by Natalie Taylor
  2. Wild Mother by Mind Bath
  3. Where I Sleep by Go Betty Go
  4. The Blue by tobi lou
  5. High Life by Nim
  6. Here Comes The Night by Unions
  7. If Only by Raveena
  8. It Won't Stop by Violents and Monica Martin

Episode 10: Re-Birthday

  1. You Gotta Give It Up (Party Song)
    by Charlie Faye & The Fayettes
  2. Here We Go by 3 One Oh
  3. Small Hundred by The Octopus Project
  4. Pain Au Chocolat by Animal Feelings
  5. What Are You by Underground System
  6. Go 1 2 3 by Andrew Jed
  7. Meteorological by Guerilla Toss
  8. Sunny Side by Cynnamon
  9. Wild by Chymes

Episode 9: Willful Blindness

  1. Favorite by T Bird + Greyhounds
  2. Woman by Andreya Triana
  3. Love Song For Myself ft. PINS by Mint Mile
  4. Be Your Friend (Deluxe) by Karyn Kuhl Band
  5. Music Machine by Gabriella Cohen
  6. Bring The Weight Down by Fassine
  7. Something New Something Blue (feat. Saro) by neek
  8. Swan Song by Human Touch

Episode 8: Byte Club

  1. Here Now by Sean Bones
  2. Birdie Bees by Gavin Turek
  3. Explode by Anthony Dey
  4. Dance With Me by Margot Polo
  5. You Sir by Jade Monet
  6. New Touch by Caveboy
  7. Youreality by Arbitraire
  8. Heads Under Water by Foxtrott

Episode 7: Swipe Right

  1. Grab Life by Jerry Williams
  2. Forever by The Element (ft. Juliet Lyons)
  3. Bad Woman by Satellite Mode
  4. Voodoo Doll by Haley Comet
  5. Call Security by Charis
  6. Amazing by Aaron Cosgrove
  7. Mami Baila by Skeey
  8. Club Sauce by Dragon Inn 3
  9. Can't Talk Back by Emily Bell
  10. Dreaming by Chymes
  11. Flirtin by El Pus
  12. Living Young by Human Touch
  13. Someone Like You by Sweet Spirit
  14. Stained Glass by Aloysius 3
  15. New Millenium by Alex Marzona
  16. Fangs Out by Bat Fangs
  17. Velcro by Jerry Williams
  18. Straight Back To The Heart by Steve Rice Quartet
  19. Little Death by I M U R
  20. Coming Around by Sidewalk Chalk
  21. Grow Down by Thad Kopec
  22. Time out of Line by The Rassle

Episode 6: Imposter

  1. Take It by Miles Francis
  2. All My Dreams (Electro Fix) by Tim Besamusca
  3. Copycat by Billie Eilish
  4. Creature by Penny & Sparrow
  5. Ballistic by Emm
  6. I Got The Feeling by Lauren Monogold
  7. Spitting Silver by Fever Feel
  8. I Can't Trust You At All by Knox White
  9. Fallen Fruit by Colyn Cameron
  10. Freedom Forever by Tim Besamusca
  11. Bad Neighborhood by I M U R
  12. Attean by Camp Counselors feat. Psychic Twin
  13. Sleep by Typhoon
  14. Danny's Song by Josh Pence & Emma Hunton

Episode 5: Parental Guidance Suggested

  1. Running Out Of Time by Sun Heat
  2. A Real Good Time
  3. Morning After by Maia Schmidt
  4. Push Ya by Emi Secrest
  5. Entering Waikiki by Haelphon
  6. Walk Like A M**r by Ghost Funk Orchestra
  7. BLK MGC by Zolita
  8. Cradle Of Humanity by Iwaka Yamba & Sala Ikhuku
  9. Guilty Party by Thunder Jackson
  10. Secret Place by IX
  11. Get Gone by Jean
  12. Either Or by Tiger March

Episode 4: Playing the Game

  1. Glow by LUC
  2. No Way Back (DOA Mix) by Robert Khurana
  3. Signs of Time by Celeste & Rokuro ft. PGX
  4. Lay Me Down by I M U R
  5. We Are Not Alone (Gui Arruda Mix) by Celeste & Rokuro ft. PGX
  6. Wild Fire by Brandy Zdan
  7. Benefits by Elise Davis
  8. Eclipsed by Benjamin James
  9. Call On Me by Paul McDonald
  10. When It's Bad It's Better by Kalleigh Baker
  11. Dreaming The Day Away by Say Hi
  12. You Need To Know by Robert Khurana
  13. Don't Enter Fear by Barbarossa

Episode 3: Allies

  1. Speak Loud by Trills
  2. Love Chains by B.O.Y.
  3. If I Could Be Your Girl by Aces
  4. Frame For One by Jesse Marchant
  5. Breaking Through by Glassio
  6. Own It by DAAAM!!! feat. Faith Vernon
  7. Up and Down by Patrick Sweany
  8. Alright (Clean) by Truvonne
  9. Luna by Kuzo
  10. Let Me Breathe by Eryn Allen Kane
  11. It's Alright by Valley Lodge
  12. Spare Some Change by Eryn Allen Kane
  13. Runaways by Lowell
  14. The Way You're Breathing by Hibou

Episode 2: The Coterie

  1. Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett & Goonrock
  2. Flocking by Ty Frankel
  3. Wear You Out by Tyrone Briggs
  4. Next Mistake by Trisha M. Mohring
  5. Good Times by Dorian Wyld and Evan Scott
  6. Spell by Raveena
  7. Innocent by DecadeZ
  8. The People I Love by Haelphon feat. AML
  9. Woah by Smash Mob feat. Evan Scott & Big Rick
  10. Ven Pa'Ca by Cielobrujo
  11. Kiss Chase by The Death Beats
  12. Foolish by Rokuro & Leah Lost
  13. Stuntin by DecadeZ
  14. Run On (Cyber Trap) by Blues Saraceno & Nicholas Patrick Kingsley
  15. Crazy Love by Truvonne

Episode 1: DTLA

  1. Like That by Fleur East
  2. Not About You by Haiku Hands
  3. Sweet L.A. by Morcheeba
  4. Breathless by I M U R
  5. Love's A Beach by Twirl
  6. Good To Run by Ben Standage
  7. Bet It All by Ben Standage
  8. Lower Worlds by Rainer Maria
  9. Bones by Lenii
  10. Stop Go Round by Turf Club

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