December 3 is International Day of Persons with Disabilities

December 3 is International Day of Persons with Disabilities

December 3rd is International Day of Persons with Disabilities!

Let's all come together this week to highlight the differences that make us each unique individuals. It is those traits and qualities that should link and unite us, rather than divide.

At Freeform, we're all about celebrating each person's free style, whether that be the way you communicate, the way you don your clothes, or the way you move around, we're all about it!

And while we're on this subject, maybe you could use a refresher in common decency, courtesy of @Freeform. Or, if you've got that down, just watch this video and roll your eyes whenever you hear a question that is just outright RUDE.

And while December 3rd may be the day marked on the calendar to pay respect to our fellow people with disabilities, it should hardly be the only day you're living with an outlook of inclusivity. According to the United Nations, 1 in every 10 children are born with a disability. These can range in type and impact, so it's important to always interact with others with a sympathetic mindset. Not to mention that globally, persons with disabilities are currently among the most affected by COVID-19 this year.

Also, remember that not all disabilities are visible on the surface. To further your understanding and awareness of other people, other cultures, and other ways of life, start by educating yourself on this internationally recognized observance. Then for fun, grab a friend, and start watching Freeform's Switched at Birth and Everything's Gonna Be Okay, which both highlight persons with disabilities.

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