season 4

Meet Melissa and Joey. Melissa is a local politician and Joey is her live in nanny! Watch all four seasons of this laugh-out-loud, unconventional love story.

S4 E1 - Witch Came First
The family is visited by a surprising figure from Mel's past.
10.23.2014 | 21m
S4 E2 - A Melanie and Josiah Christmas
Mel and Joe celebrate their first Christmas as a couple.
12.11.2014 | 21m
S4 E3 - The Honeymooners
Mel and Joe attempt to get away for a honeymoon.
01.15.2015 | 21m
S4 E4 - The Day After
Mel is forced to choose between Joe's wishes and keeping a secret.
01.22.2015 | 21m
S4 E5 - Let's Get It Started
Mel and Joe unexpectedly find themselves on opposite sides.
01.29.2015 | 21m
S4 E6 - Failure to Communicate
Mel wants everyone to wish Ryder a happy birthday.
02.05.2015 | 21m
S4 E7 - Thanks, But No Thanks
A newlywed ritual exposes a communication gap between Mel and Joe.
02.12.2015 | 21m
S4 E8 - Face the Music
Mel discovers that Dani is a musician.
02.19.2015 | 21m
S4 E9 - Being There
Joe demands a pledge of no cell phones or computers all weekend long.
02.26.2015 | 21m
S4 E10 - Parental Guidance
Mel deals with Lennox's infatuation with her professor.
03.05.2015 | 21m
S4 E11 - Gone Girl
Mel deals with Lennox's desire to follow her professor to Colombia.
03.12.2015 | 21m
S4 E12 - You Say You Want an Ovulation
Mel and Joe are eager to enter the next phase in their relationship.
03.19.2015 | 21m
S4 E13 - Call of Duty
Joe puts Ryder through a home version of boot camp.
06.04.2015 | 21m
S4 E14 - You Little Devil
Joe learns the significance of the little devil tattoo on Mel's backside.
06.11.2015 | 21m
S4 E15 - The Book Club
Mel is offended after Joe makes fun of her choice for her book club.
06.18.2015 | 21m
S4 E16 - The Early Shift
Joe and Mel's relationship is strained by a work commitment.
06.25.2015 | 21m
S4 E17 - The Parent Trap
Joe's mom and Mel's dad come for a visit.
07.02.2015 | 21m
S4 E18 - Melissa and Joey's Frozen
After being frozen in an avalanche, Mel and Joe thaw out in the future.
07.09.2015 | 21m
S4 E19 - Put a Ring On It
Joe goes all out for a birthday gift for Mel that she doesn't like.
07.16.2015 | 21m
S4 E20 - Game Night
On family game night, questions and answers lead to relationship problems.
07.23.2015 | 21m
S4 E21 - Be the Bigger Person
Mel and Joe gear up to announce her congressional campaign.
07.30.2015 | 21m
S4 E22 - Double Happiness
Mel doubts that she can still run for congress.
08.06.2015 | 21m